Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rapid Fire Manswer - Sleeveless Shirts

Dear Dr. Awesome,

My brother and I have been having an ongoing argument about whether or not men should wear sleeveless shirts. He, of course, thinks that there is nothing wrong with it, but I think it is disgusting to walk about town with your armpit hairs hanging out all over the place. I do have to admit that my brother works out like a mad man and has earned the right to show off his physique, I just wish he would do that without the use of sleeveless shirts. What say you?

Maridell, Louisiana


I say let those pythons breathe a little! There is no situation on earth that is inappropriate for an unsolicited gun show. And while some gun shows you need tickets to, others are free. Why mess with a good thing? Of course you can only wear sleeveless shirts if you have the arms to pull it off...if they are flabby or hairy or they look pasty in tone or they resemble number two pencils, you should keep those things covered. But if you have some monsters in there, you have a duty to all the malcontents of the world to show them that you are on the scene and therefore they shouldn't try any funny business, lest you apply blunt force trauma to their brains. As far as the arm pit hairs hanging out, I guess my rule only applies to guys who don't have an excessive amount of arm pit hair. If it looks like a family of beavers has made their home under your arms, you should probably keep a shirt on no matter how beastly you are. Also you should keep some sleeves on if your only option for "sleeveless shirt" is a wife-beater. Wife-beaters are never acceptable, regardless of whether actual wife beating occurs (which, it better not, or the last image you ever see will be me roundhouse kicking you). Or if you are vain, and showing off your cannons will go to your head and make you proud, you should keep a shirt on too. But if you have nothing but pure and holy motives when it comes to showing off your laser rocket arms, as I'm sure most of you do, I say let those boys come out to play. Sorry Maridell, but I'm with your brother. (Before the naysayers come out, for a counter argument and some disclaimers from me, check out this post and the ensuing comments).

Dr Awesome


Bennett January 12, 2010 at 6:15 PM  

see bruce willis picture at the top. I'm pretty sure his pit hairs were burnt off along the way, but he definitely broke the wife beater rule.

mmcreel January 13, 2010 at 2:00 PM  

No, no, no! I can not believe your answer to this question! I'm hoping to the dear Lord that my brother does not read this post. LOL. I will do my best to try and accept your stand on this issue, but it's going to take some serious prayer! Thanks always for the insight. I love your blog!

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